Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Happiness is

Happiness is having my number 1 daughter home for a visit.
Happiness is finding out number 2 is on her way.
Happiness is professional photographer surprise in our own back yard.
Happiness is having sunshine for the photo shoot. (Not a sure thing in Michigan)
Happiness is spending two days in a row with my girls.
Happiness will be getting a great family picture from the many pictures taken.
Happiness is having great weather on Mackinac Island for our special friends wedding.(Very chancie in MI)
Happiness is enjoying family and friends anytime and in any weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is GOOD

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Fun time in the Mitten

I love the great weather we have in the summer/fall here in the mitten! The summer/fall weather allows for some great outdoor times.

We won't discuss the hellish hot/humid weather we've had this past week because usually it is much cooler.

The trip to the Ford Museum was fun.....it's air conditioned.....then we walked around Greenfield village....late afternoon so much cooler. We rode in a Model T, they sure are loud cars but surprisingly comfortable.

Took an afternoon ride on the Genesee Belle, a local paddle boat, it was lovely with the cool breeze off the water, looking at the wildlife, even the Blue Heron was enjoyable in that setting.

Our local pond tour is this weekend, which we will be working at. The tour is great fun. We meet lots of fun people and get to see some really beautiful ponds that people have put a lot of work into.

Then it's dinner with friends and great conversation.

Life is good and will soon be great when our girls, at different times, will be home for a quick visit!

Monday, July 09, 2007


From Blue Herons to Moles. God Bless them everyone

The saga with the Great Blue Heron has temporarily subsided. I think I have outlasted him! It has been two weeks now and he hasn't shown his face. We have made it too much of a challenge for him to get to the pond and now, hopefully, he has moved on to an easier buffet somewhere else.
The new challenge is now MOLES. I just can't win. They have been herded to our yard from the construction on the street behind us. Currently they are making their way toward our beautiful pond. Is there no rest from critters at all anymore?
I went on line and found poison fake worms that we are suppose to place in their runs, they then eat said worms and die. I can only hope!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ode to Spring

Spring brings a very happy and much appreciated change in weather but OH MY the work involved is never ending!

Mowing, Pond Care, Mowing, Weeding, Mowing, Trimming, Mowing, Planting, Mowing, Replanting, Mowing, Clean up, and did I mention Mowing?

We are mowing every 3-4 days now. Who ever it was that thought Weed and Feed was a good idea should be duct taped to a lawn mower and made to mow non stop for the entire spring season!

The lawn does look beautiful ,but, it is so thick the mower gets clogged and it's growing so fast we are always mowing.

The pond brings us much joy. We love to sit and gaze upon the pond, watch the fishes and listen to the waterfall. That's all we can do right now because our backs hurt so much from all the yard work, not to mention cleaning the winter muck out of the pond!

We are looking forward to summer because ALL the spring clean up will be over!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


It'$ Tax $ea$on! Oh Boy

$$$$This is the holiday season for accountants$$$$$$$$
The hunt for that elusive tax break ,that no one ever really qualifies for, is the prize of the tax season.
* Your accountant sends you a list of what information is needed.
* You dig through all your papers and fill in all the little boxes.
* You take it all to the accountant.
* A week later the accountant calls for you to come in and sign forms.
* You write out a check to the accountant.
* You take your very neatly filled out forms ,add your check that you owe the government, and mail them.
That's right you pay someone to tell you how much MORE additional money you owe the government.
You must get your payment to the government on or before the due date, however, should the rare occasion happen where the government owes you....HA. Don't hold your breathe. You may or may not see your money within the 3 to 6 month range.
Can you demand that your money be in your hands by a certain date?
I think not.
Can you demand a penalty if you have to wait for you money?
Are you allowed to charge interest for the amount of time past the date you should have your money?
Dream On!

Even though I have an undergraduate degree, and two masters degrees I have a very common terror of tax forms. I know I could probably fill them out and do ok, but what about that little known fact I am sure only the government and accountants know, that if I don't have it on my forms will bring on an audit. What if I don't put a deduction in the right place and have to pay a penality. What if I forget to put in an interest payment? I do not want the IRS to remember my taxes in any way or form.
Oh and don't forget the EASY instructions that come with your tax forms! But lets not go there, that's a whole blog in it's self.

What a world, what a world! I hate Tax Time! However as long as there are people like me with a healthy fear of the IRS there will always be happy accountants during Tax $ea$on.

Saturday, February 03, 2007



Michigan is Michigan again!
Woke up to 4 degrees actual temp. with a windchill of -20 degrees. The pond is frozen, and my face hurts from just going out to get the mail.
We wanted snow and cold for Christmas. Did we get it ....NO! Finally in January we get our first snow, oh how pretty. Then it just started getting colder and colder.
The Ground Hog did not see his shadow yesterday so we are going to get an early spring. Yea right! The stupid Ground Hog was too cold to open his eyes to see a shadow.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to think that we were only going to have winter for a total of two months this year. Well, let's be realistic, it is Michigan after all. We will probably have a White Easter. Imagine it, Easter on Ice with the Easter Bunny himself on ice skates, or better yet just borrow Santa's sleigh to deliver Easter Eggs with Bing singing "I'm dreaming of a white Easter" in the background.
I just want to have NORMAL seasons again.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Another Holiday Season comes to an end

Another great holiday season is winding down:( All the excitement of preparing for the holiday, enjoying my girls, and just relaxing with all the beautiful decorations is now over. Now comes the task of packing away all the decorations, and paying bills just like anyother month of the year.
We have several friends hanging up their marriages of 25 and 36 years. We have a friend who has found true love for the first time at age 55. The extremes are surprising.
I guess that life really is a chain of surprising events and you can never really predict what will come, only try to be prepared when it hits.
2006 has been a year of status quo for us and termoil for friends. I really hope that 2007 brings positive changes and happy surprises for everyone we know.

Happy New Year! May the coming year bring us all peace of mind, success in our endeavors and laughter in our lives.

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